Advanced task status manager module for Perfex CRM

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Module adds "TASK STATUSES" menu tab. In this tab you can add, edit and delete your custom statuses.

You can create workflows by setting statuses that can only be changed when the task has some status.

In this module you can set who sees what statuses so that your employees do not see tasks with statuses that do not apply to them.


  1. Extract your downloaded file contens. You will notice a folder called "documentation" and a new zip file, called Since "documentation" folder contains this readme file and helpful instructions that are not needed in your Perfex CRM's installation, we will focus on the file. Screen showing folder structure of downloaded zip
  2. File contains the module files (in a module format) that you upload in Perfex CRM's Modules installation section. Extract this folder (no contents of this folder, but only this zip). Screen showing zip with module files
  3. Go to your Perfex CRM's Admin area and select the following menu item: SETUP > MODULES
    Screen showing where to find setup tab Screen showing where to find modules tab
  4. Select the extracted at Module installation selection prompt and press INSTALL Screen showing how to upload module
  5. Find the newly installed module and press ACTIVATE. Screen showing how to activate module
  6. You will be told that module is successfully activated. On the setting menu you will see "Task Statuses" tab. That's it! You are now ready to start using the module.

How to use this module

  1. Go to the SETTINGS -> TASK STATUSES tab Screen showing where to find 'TASK STATUSES' tab
  2. In order to add new status click ADD TASK STASUS button Screen showing 'TASK STATUSES' tab
  3. In this popup you can insert information as:
    • status name
    • status order
    • status color
    • whether or not display status in default filter
    • statuses that you can change to when the task has this status (when left empty, can be created to changed status) (admin can change to all statuses)
    • staff who should not be able to see tasks with this status
    Then click "SAVE" buttton Screen showing 'ADD TASK STATUSES' popup
  4. If you want to edit already created statsus click "Edit" button Screen showing 'Edit' button
  5. Then you can edit all the informations you want. Screen showing 'Edit' popup After that click "SAVE" to save changes
  6. If you want to delete task status click "Delete" button and confirm your choice. All tasks with this status will be having 'No found status'. Screen showing 'Delete' button

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